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History repeating itself

I have read of European and American complaints over attempts to put down the insurrections in the Middle East. They have short memories. There was the Peasants Revolt (England, 1360) with its untold dead. Then there were the revolts in Germany (1848, 1918) which cost a great many lives. The American and French revolutions resulted in the slaughter of innocent lives on both sides, and the Russian and Chinese revolts left millions dead in the end.

Let us not forget the U.S. government ordered Patton to fire on the World War I vets who demanded their bonus money the government promised in a demonstration in Washington, D.C.

No government is going to sit idly by, dictator or democracy, when civilians demand its overthrow. So, let the hypocrites bewail the slaughter in the Middle East. Historians know it is the pot calling the kettle black.

Judith M. Jones



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