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Fault not balanced

It is simply not correct to assert, as right-wing politicians such as Raul Labrador are now doing, that the left and right are equally responsible for the poisonous rhetoric contributing to the tragic shootings in Arizona.

Liberals have not disrupted town meetings while wearing guns, nor have they proposed “taking back” the country with Second Amendment remedies directed toward politicians surrounded by bull’s-eyes. They have not spit at members of Congress or yelled epithets at them based on gender preference or race. They have not given credence to commentators such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, who cater to the less evolved human attributes (such as irrational fear, ignorance and bigotry).

The sickest and most emotionally vulnerable among us are prone to do horrific things with the right provocation, and the atmosphere created by these human vats of vitriol and their ilk unleashes the unhinged.

Ronald H. Doyen



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