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It’s plane hypocrisy

President Obama’s speech attacking millionaires and billionaires cracked me up. His speech proves his true Marxist beliefs. A Marxist wants the rabble to be equal but exempts himself from that equality because he believes himself to be superior to the rabble.

Obama castigated private jet owners but ignored his own trillionaire lifestyle. This August he and his family will fly on Air Force One and spend their third vacation at an estimated $50,000-a-week Cape Cod resort.

Last year, Michelle Obama flew on a U.S. Air Force 757 to and from Spain, where media estimates put her vacation cost to taxpayers in the $400,000 to $500,000 range.

And two years ago, taxpayers paid an estimated $250,000 for the Obamas to fly on Air Force One to have one night out in New York.

So Obama is not against planes, he is merely against private planes. Will he pledge to refuse to travel in private planes when he’s a private citizen again on Jan. 20, 2013?

Geoff Swindler



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