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Tue., June 7, 2011

Share the wealth

I find it appalling that Avista is requesting another rate increase. It’s not as if they need the money. In 2006, they raked in $73.1 million in net profit. In 2008, it was $73.6 million. In 2009, it was $87.1 million, and in 2010 they raked in a whopping $92.4 million in profits. This year will be even higher.

Avista is all about making money for the shareholders, not providing economical energy to their customers. So, here is my proposal: Make all ratepayers on the books into shareholders. Issue 10 shares of stock to all ratepayers.

And from every monthly bill, apply 1 percent to a stock purchase program for every ratepayer.

It’ll never happen, but they could easily afford this, and we would all be stockholders in this great company with a heart (cough cough). After all, we deserve a piece of the pie too.

Richard Trerise


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