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War drains treasury

Remember that early cloud of skepticism when Barack Obama endorsed his predecessor’s economic bailout stimulus, economic withdrawal from Iraq, and a military surge and withdrawal timetable for Afghanistan, while simultaneously being nominated for and receiving the world peace prize?

Even the Rumsfeld and Cheney gang knew we could not economically afford protracted foreign, land-based, military conflicts.

Our military-industrial complex depletes enough energy and treasury to bring us down to a second-rate economical power.

How much are we going in debt to run those aircraft carriers, planes, drones, smart bombs and war toys?

We cannot afford to repay China or wage war to avoid repayment of our increasing foreign debt.

We, like NATO, are becoming economically irrelevant as a world power.

Our economies and efficiencies may have zero options.

Our debt makes our military irrelevant.

The cloud’s silver lining is ironic.

Duane Schofield

Cusick, Wash.


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