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Ask victims about gun need

The ultraliberal, anti-gun Spokesman-Review and its columnists Doug Clark, Dave Oliveria and Gary Crooks (columns, March 13) are having a field day ridiculing “backwards” Idaho for proposing that college students be allowed to carry firearms on campus.

While Idaho’s proposal is probably way over the top, self-defense is certainly no laughing matter. Indeed, our Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment for defense of self and nation.

The 32 defenseless students murdered at Virginia Tech might have appreciated an armed person coming to their rescue. Ditto for the dozens of Chinese schoolchildren and teachers killed by knife-armed madmen last year.

The bottom line is that the police are spread way too thin to protect all of us all of the time. We often must provide our own security in a world filled with violence and “crazies.”

Naturally, the Marxist left, gun-ban cartel claims that disarming everyone will stop the violence. Total control is their real agenda; they couldn’t care less about crime violence, saving lives or “the children.”

Curtis E. Stone



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