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Sun., March 20, 2011, midnight

Killing with kindness

I am a 69-year-old who has been seriously biking Spokane’s streets for the last 20 years. Whenever possible I run most of my errands on my bike.

Today it happened again. I am waiting for an opening in traffic so I can cross a four-lane arterial. I am not in a crosswalk. A well-meaning motorist stops to allow me to cross. A kind gesture that could cost me my life.

I feel very rude as I motion for the motorist to proceed. He must wonder why I declined his offer. Here’s why. A lane of traffic beside him cannot see me. Those cars may or may not stop.

There are two lanes approaching from the opposite direction. I cannot be sure that both of those lanes have seen me or are willing to let me cross.

Here is a much safer course for me. I am not in a hurry and am willing to wait for a clear opening in both directions. My apologies to those motorists who think they are doing the right thing, but I would rather decide for myself when to cross and live to bike another day.

Sharon Piper


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