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Sat., May 7, 2011

Changing social views welcome

James Nelson’s letter (April 30) will no doubt garner many responses, and there’s much ground to cover in his assertions and protestations. His various characterizations – “illogical … warped … like a small child who must have its way” – could easily be tossed right back in his direction, but I’ll focus on only one of his claims: “… gay rights advocates … are bound and determined to get married and change our society.”

There are two things Mr. Nelson forgets. The first is that society is ever-changing (thank goodness). The other more important one is that it’s OUR society, too. That last item is the reason those of us who believe in equality will – to use his words – “never quit” until our participation therein is unrestricted and legally recognized in full.

And when that happens, Mr. Nelson will surely find, to his relief, that it won’t hurt him one bit, and all his fussing has been unnecessary.

Steven A. Wells


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