May 18, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Wealthy are biggest givers


No, Jen Davidsen (Letters, May 1) doesn’t “have it straight.” She claims the “right-wingers” (her words) oppose raising taxes on the rich because, in her sarcastic words, “it’s really hard to get by on such a paltry pittance.” The truth and their actual reasoning is: 1) The “rich” are already contributing the majority of tax revenues, 2) It WILL (check the history of tax hikes) result in job losses, and 3) It will not even begin to fix the real problem – spending!

At the same time, these “screaming meanies” (also her words) have never “vilified” public employees by calling them “greedy and overpaid.” Name calling, labeling and outright manufacturing of reasons for “right-wing” policies will not change reality. You see, in “right-wing world” the “rich” earn as much as is possible in a “free enterprise” economy while the public employees are awarded as much “taxpayer funded” income as their union collective can extract.

I’m sorry to hear about the headache in her eye. She really should have a doctor look at that. While she’s at it, she should have that “left” ear checked.

Don Hood


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