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Moral boundaries removed

The Pew Survey showed half of us support same-sex marriage. Since the 1960s, we’ve experimented with free-love scenarios, cohabitation, adultery, homosexuality, abortion and divorce.

Our greatest pain-givers to most children: abortion and divorce. Our homosexual citizens have created special rights for their part, while schools teach children that those who disapprove of sodomy are akin to racists.

We will not long have religious freedom now because boundary stones are being moved. Few churches even now preach openly on these sins.

But there is a Rock for all peoples and all times who does not change. The ideas and experiments of societies have always had their rises and falls – all have fallen when sin has had its full measure.

Have you lived to be so and not seen for yourself the corruptness of human nature, and hence society? Secular sin is addictive. When the boundary stones are removed, then on what basis will you have any morality, decency or law? There will be no denying yourself any conceivable pleasure.

Americans of all peoples have been warned. Almost all of us have His ancient book in our homes. Remember He does not change. Change is required of us.

Suzanne Nyberg