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Sat., Oct. 1, 2011

What shared sacrifice?

Not surprising, Obama continues his class warfare diatribe, including his mantra that we need “shared sacrifice” and “everyone must pay their fair share.” Hmm.

Approximately 51 percent of households pay no federal income tax. The other 49 percent are carrying them. Additionally, for tax year 2010, 21 million families received a total of $36 million from the “earned income credit,” which is nothing more than a transfer of the fruits of my labor (income) to someone else.

If you are a governmental employee who is paying little or nothing for medical insurance or expenses and making no contributions to your retirement plan, say thank you to those of us who are self-employed or in private industry. We are paying hundreds of dollars per month for our own premiums while also subsidizing your medical expenses and funding your retirement plan.

I, along with perhaps most taxpayers, would be receptive to paying additional taxes if there was any indication that government was a good steward of our money. Show some financial integrity first, then come back and ask for more taxes.

Perhaps “shared sacrifice” should include the 51 percent of non-taxpayers stepping up to the plate and making some contribution themselves.

Gerald D. Click


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