October 23, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Fullmer a change agent


I would like to endorse Sally Fullmer for Spokane school board.

In the last months, I have spoken at length with each of our school board candidates. While I respect both candidates, a choice must be made.

We will find the best candidate when we recognize the kind of leadership needed most by our school district, and then choose the candidate whose skills match best. Ongoing budget challenges and weaknesses in student achievement convince me that Spokane schools need to undergo significant change. We need a candidate who pushes for transformation.

Sally Fullmer is the one best qualified to be an agent of change in a time such as this. With her sometimes outspoken positions, she has differentiated herself from senior school administrators and teachers union officials.

Since she is not beholden to these groups, Sally will have greater freedom to promote more transparency in school finances, reduced administrative costs, improved student learning and greater board accountability to voters. This is what I am looking for.

I urge all voters who see the need for significant change in Spokane schools to join me and mark your ballots for Sally Fullmer for Spokane school board.

Bob Griffing

Former school board candidate


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