September 8, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Tired of Obama blame


Every time a negative event occurs, you can bet that some conservative publication, talk show or email chain will blame the president for that event. Whether it’s something as cut and dried as a flood or something as complex as a bond haircut in Europe, Obama will take some part of the blame. It’s getting very tiresome.

The reality is that Obama has little to no control over macroeconomic problems. He cannot push for a further stimulus without the cooperation of a Congress filled with lunatics who would rather sink the country’s economy than keep Barack Obama as president for four more years. He also has no control over the Federal Reserve and monetary policy.

Instead of scapegoating a president faced with the most severe national crisis since World War II, conservatives should propose solutions. By solutions I do not mean defunding National Public Radio, I mean substantial economic policies. I’m sure that they’d recommend the same Bush cocktail of disproportionate tax cuts for the wealthy, but at least this would give Americans a clear choice at the polls.

There are no easy solutions or quick fixes; the only thing we can be certain of is further misery. Beware of demagogues like Rep. Michele Bachmann and Gov. Rick Perry who suggest otherwise.

Jesse Wedewer


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