September 8, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Verner a class act


I was so happy when I read about Mayor Mary Verner’s decisive victory in the primaries. She’s a class act. It almost makes me want to live in the city of Spokane so I can vote for her. When I attended the mayoral forum this summer I was impressed by her calm confidence and positive approach. Since I do not live in the city I went as an observer, being curious about local politics. Mayor Verner was by far the most qualified candidate speaking at that event. She was clear, articulate and focused on ideas and actions. And she did not go for the negative against any other candidate, unlike Mr. Condon, who used part of his time to take negative shots at her. I notice things like that – and I’m not favorably impressed by those who go for the negative instead of focusing on their own ideas.

I am thoroughly impressed by Mayor Verner. Hats off to everyone in the city of Spokane who had the good sense to vote for her in the primary. There seems to be no need for me to move into the city to vote for her myself now. I’ll stay right where I am and admire from afar – hoping that county politics comes up with politicians of her caliber someday. Hope I won’t have to wait for too long!

Vick Myers-Canfield


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