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Let tea partyers govern

I have a dream that in the 2012 elections the extremely conservative Republican Party wins veto-proof majorities in the House and the Senate and that they elect a tea party conservative Republican as president.

Then all of America and all of the peoples of the nations of the world will have the opportunity to behold the vision of America that the conservative Republicans hold and promote for all of us.

Only if we grant these folks complete control of our government and the political direction of our nation will we be able to truly understand the real nature of their goals.

If we do not grant them this power, we shall all continue to be subjected to their complaining and name-calling and demeaning of any and all who disagree with their politics and philosophy. I’ve always been told that the “proof is in the pudding,” so I am willing to trust the great patriots of the Republican and tea parties. They are great American patriots, are they not? They love America, don’t they?

Why not give them a chance? What do we have to lose?

Jim Furlong



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