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Wed., April 4, 2012

Babies at conception

In answer to the Lee Freese March 20 letter, I want to assure him that in the real world, at conception there is a baby formed (not as in “blastocyte” and a “nascent human entity”).

Eighteen days after conception, there is a heartbeat, and that baby begins to develop into (usually) a perfect human being.

How can someone get attached to an unborn baby? How about love! To be so callous is shocking to me.

At least this person who said that a nascent is a human entity recognizes it’s a baby.

When I was in nurses training and saw the first baby born, so perfect, I cried, to know that God in his wisdom formed that child from an egg and a sperm.

Let’s put this subject where it should be, not looking at in a scientific world, but the real world where babies are conceived and born. Yes, some unwanted, but there are answers to that problem as well.

Shirley Stephenson

Oldtown, Idaho

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