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Working class ignored

The Republican Party controls the U.S. House of Representatives. Rep. Paul Ryan is the Republican House Budget Committee chairman. His budget plan has passed in the House.

The Urban Brookings Tax Policy Center finds that people earning more than $1 million a year would receive $265,000 apiece in new tax cuts, and that is not including the $129,000 that they will continue to receive if the Republicans extend President George W. Bush’s tax cuts, which is included in the plan. The Republicans’ plan also includes a “voucher plan” for Medicare recipients. It’s their way of thanking the American working class for all they did to make America strong.

On top of all this the House failed to remove tax breaks that America’s national and multinational corporations receive that would help reduce the federal deficit. Does Big Oil really need tax breaks when gasoline continues to rise? Does corporate America really need tax breaks to ship American jobs overseas? I don’t think so.

Republicans need to be reminded that it is the working class that makes America strong, that creating jobs is the most effective way to reduce the deficit.

Lawrence Schuchart


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