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Repetitive ads get low marks

As a Spokane retiree with all kinds of time on his hands, I have become addicted to watching the Olympics. As a former track and field coach, I can’t get enough of that sport, but I’ve enjoyed all of it.

Only one thing is killing the experience: all those Cathy McMorris Rodgers ads. Other politicians from both parties are advertising, Inslee with his bulldozer, McKenna parading his family around, but it seems every time the network goes to commercial, there she is again. It’s enough to make a guy vote against her just so she’ll get out of my television set and stay out.

It seems every time there is tension in the games and the network goes to a commercial break, here comes McMorris Rodgers, yet again. And what does she have to say? She’s more repetitive than a pair of Chinese synchronized divers. “Stop reckless spending. Balance the budget.” Well, duh.

What spending does she consider reckless? What spending does she consider justified and important? If a balanced budget was as easy as her ad implies, we’d have one.

Her repetitive ads are worse than a fall off the pommel horse.

Conrad Wold


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