August 25, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Time to elect Cowan


The incumbent reflects only special interests and the Republican National Committee views and could care less about the working families here in Eastern Washington.

She has consistently voted on the wrong side of key issues.

If you write in with a different opinion than our current representative you will get back a form letter stating her position. She is not interested in feedback and has long since stopped listening to her constituents.

Simply count the number of times she is running ads in prime time during the Olympics and ask yourself who is paying for the premium time slots, not to mention they say absolutely nothing about what she is actually doing for Eastern Washington. She could take a lesson from our two outstanding senators.

It is way past time for a change that puts Eastern Washington residents ahead of Big Oil, Big Banking and Big Insurance, and the rest of the special interest groups that have control in Washington, D.C.

Rich Cowan is that catalyst for change, and deserves all of our support. Enough is enough.

Gary Hayden


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