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Blaming Romney is unreal

Dana Milbank’s Dec. 6 column is the latest bomb from this progressive Democrat wherein he pans Mitt Romney for joining the board of directors of Marriott.

He chides Romney for his “small behavior” in not stepping in to be a part of the effort to keep the government from going off the “fiscal cliff.” Is he nuts? This writer has been known for his foolish remarks in the past, but this is the topper. He chides Romney for not doing more, all the while our fearless leader is taking a 20-day, $4 million vacation to Hawaii on Dec. 17, two weeks before the government falls off the “fiscal cliff.”

I seem to remember it was President Barack Obama, not Romney, who won the election. Milbank mentions an administration statement that at the Obama/Romney lunch, the two agreed to stay in touch. Why is it Romney’s prerogative to contact Obama and beg to be involved? It’s not. We all know the White House wouldn’t want Romney to be part of any solution. On the contrary, we are seeing just another example of left-wing media bias: blame Romney/Republicans while Obama again leads from behind.

Connie Zimmerman



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