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Fri., Dec. 21, 2012

Christmas is everyone’s

Catherine Green (Dec. 16) must realize the world is not “attacking her faith” in a war on Christmas; nor are godless vipers responsible for the 100-plus-year commercialization and “trivialization” of that holiday.

She claims the word Christmas cannot even be used by nonbelievers. President Ulysses Grant declared it a federal holiday in 1870. It belongs to us all. Any citizen can celebrate a day off however they choose.

To protect its sanctity, and prevent other religions demanding equal rights to federal holidays and public displays of their own holy symbols, we could strike Christmas from the list of otherwise secular national celebrations.

Or Nativity scenes could share space in schools and courthouse lawns with images of Buddha, Odin, Muhammad, pentacles, ankhs, menorahs, horned goats and the ouroboros.

MJ Wilde


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