February 26, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Tolerance goes both ways


For those in support of gay marriage, I have some questions. If I don’t support your viewpoint, would you classify me as homophobic, one suffering from a mental affliction? If I were to raise my children in the same way, would you consider them abused and support placing them under government care? Do you support the First Amendment regarding religious freedom? Do you support my right to disagree with you and gay activists who force their agenda on individuals and institutions through litigation?

Are you aware that gay activists closed two Christian adoption centers in Boston? Do you realize that in Canada folks are prosecuted and imprisoned for opposing you? Ministers are called bigots and haters?

These are important questions. Does the live-and-let-live philosophy often preached by gay activists go both ways? Are you willing to be tolerant of those of us who disagree with you?

John Pauley

Spokane Valley

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