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Thu., Jan. 12, 2012

Save the children

Your Jan. 6 editorial praised Gov. Chris Gregoire’s recent support for gay marriage. Gregoire states that “the state should not engage in discrimination.” What about discriminating against our children?

Centuries of history and tons of research have proven the ideal place for children to thrive is within a marriage of one man and one woman. And don’t come after me with statistics of divorce and spousal abuse in traditional marriage or about two committed gays who love each other. I have heard it all and realize even some traditional marriages are not good for children.

But comparing a loving gay marriage as an ideal place for children is absurd. Child development studies have proven that children role model after their same-sex parent. Don’t tell me they can go and get all that from a family friend or the Y.

It’s a lot harder, and marriage is hard enough. I guess if God had wanted there to be gay marriage, He would have created only one sex. So don’t blame me, blame God.

Thanks Gov. Gregoire, and thanks to the editorial board for being so intellectual. I guess you know better than God. I’m glad I know that now.

Susan Bacon


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