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Government is not a business

You want a government that follows a business model?

Some features to expect:

Top-down government structured with bosses at the top who dictate everything. There is little room for “of, by and for the people.” The people are irrelevant. Decreasing costs by lowering wages and benefits, or transferring jobs to other countries. Declaring bankruptcy to avoid meeting obligations like employee pensions. Bosses benefit. The people don’t.

Pollution ignored, nothing regulated. Poison the air and water to help the bottom line. Bonuses to bosses. The people suffer illness.

Dismantling the social safety net; ending Social Security and Medicare. The people don’t count.

More war. Profits to bosses. The people sacrifice.

No taxes on dividends or capital gains. Taxes on wages only. A bonus to bosses. The people pay the bills.

Government is not a business. Our government is a democratically organized way to meet the needs of the people. In a democracy, the people decide by vote and representation what they need.

Government should not be a subsidiary of business. Elect people who understand the role of government in a democracy, real public servants, not people purchased by corporations to do their bidding, which is government following the business model.

Ann Warwick



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