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Fri., July 13, 2012

McLaughlin is exceptional

Every now and then someone exceptional throws her hat in the ring for a seat in Olympia. City Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin is a candidate to replace 3rd District Sen. Lisa Brown, who is retiring.

When Nancy ran for her first term on Spokane City Council, the naysayers came out in force. She won handily.

Four years later, after standing her ground Monday nights during City Council meetings, she won a second term with a 77 percent majority.

Nancy McLaughlin and her husband, Dave, co-own a small business in Spokane and know the value of hard work and integrity. She has signed a paycheck, has fiscal common sense and understands the hoops through which businesses must jump. Nancy is articulate, ethical, sincerely cares for her constituents and presents her case well.

Check out on important issues. Her Senate position would be such a tremendous boost to Spokane, especially her 3rd District, and to the entire state. She has wisdom and insight and knows what works and what doesn’t. She is not easily intimidated and more importantly, her word is her bond. Vote Nancy4Senate.

Donna Kuhn


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