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SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2012

Work conditions matter

Scott Cooney (July 10) concludes in his letter, “Not entitled to easy work,” that many of his past employees will not work nights and do heavy lifting because our society has taught them a sense of entitlement in the workplace. However, the work conditions may be responsible for his problem.

First, working nights is difficult. It interrupts normal sleep patterns, causing a slew of health problems, and interferes with family life. Second, potential hires may take this job as a second source of income so they work days and start the night shift already fatigued. Third, frequent, heavy lifting may be unrealistic and even dangerous if employees do not have adequate equipment to assist with the lifting. Fourth, Cooney assumes his employees have potential entitlement issues and this attitude may be communicated to them as a lack of respect, which also adds to stressful work conditions.

And, lastly, Cooney’s “tough job” sounds like a back injury or car accident waiting to happen due to heavy lifting, sleep deprivation, physical fatigue and a difficult supervisor. These people may be leaving the job because of unhealthy work conditions instead of having a sense of entitlement taught to them by our society.

Jeannette Murphy


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