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Tue., July 24, 2012

Chase perfect in tough times

This is a difficult time for local government. Spokane County has cut back on services as a result of a significant drop in tax revenue. We need to elect candidates who know how to maximize the return on every tax dollar.

Since taking office as treasurer, Rob Chase has worked tirelessly to make the Treasurer’s Office run lean and mean. He’s formed employee process improvement teams dedicated to streamlining office processes, enhancing customer service and creating a more navigable and user friendly website.

Rob also sets an excellent example of frugality for others to follow. It’s been said that he makes “the eagle scream twice” before spending the taxpayers’ dollars. At state and regional treasurers conferences, for instance, he has strived to stay with relatives, or at low-cost motels to keep his expenses down.

As treasurer, Chase has been spearheading an effort to gather support for legislation to allow partial tax payments and eliminate usurious major penalties on property tax delinquencies.

Chase understands that a county commissioner’s responsibilities are focused not only on jobs, but on public safety, infrastructure and quality of life. He will represent all the citizens of Spokane County, not just some connected group.

Alene Lindstrand


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