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Thu., March 8, 2012, midnight

Paul’s war stance is solid

It seems that the candidates for the Republican nomination for president are all in favor of going to war, except for Ron Paul. They either want us to attack Iran in a coalition with Israel, or go into Syria, alone or with somebody. While I am not a supporter of Paul, I feel he is the only candidate making sense of this issue. And to say that a president who advocates diplomacy and sanctions over death and destruction is weak begs the question of what is strength.

Advocating another pre-emptive strike in the Middle East will not be good for this country in any way. It will further alienate the people of the region who already see us as imperialists who only want their resources at the best possible price. And they feel that we are spiritual hypocrites trying to force Judeo-Christian morals on them that we don’t practice ourselves.

It also will bankrupt this country. We sit around and lament the huge deficit we have, and then want to increase it with another military incursion.

If we continue on this course, we will have to go back to calling the Defense Department the war department.

Joe Stickney


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