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Sun., March 18, 2012

Save Jensen-Byrd

Washington State University’s president and Board of Regents are on track to demolish the historic brick Jensen-Byrd building, the one University District building with the potential to be an anchor for the expanding east side of downtown Spokane.

The Jensen-Byrd is in a location that has vital connections to the nearby beautifully restored brick buildings of Division, West Main Avenue and the landmark Schade Tower. This area is a center of activity with shops, restaurants, a theater, nightlife and many small businesses.

Restoring the Jensen-Byrd would be a huge plus for the campus because people are naturally attracted to revitalized historic structures. The buildings between it and downtown, existing and infill, would surely become even more of a magnet for students and their patronage.

The truth is, new construction just doesn’t generate the same buzz as restoration accomplishes.

WSU’s existing campus buildings are mostly sleek and soulless modern structures with no connection to the land they occupy, the city they border or the Gonzaga University campus to their north.

Restoration of the Jensen-Byrd would add character and intrinsic value to the University District while enriching Spokane’s historic heritage.

Please sign the Save the Jensen-Byrd Petition at: spokane-preservation-advocates-spa- stop-the-demolition-of-the-jensen- byrd-warehouse-building.

Suzanne Markham


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