May 15, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Teen moms get a break


On May 5, a group of teens and young adults were treated to a day of pampering at The Salvation Army Spokane. But these weren’t just any regular teenagers, these were teen moms. For one night, they were able to be normal teenagers, and have a night of fun.

These girls don’t have very good support systems at home, so I think it was a great idea to let them all come together for one night, and enjoy it. If I were a teen mom, always working hard to provide for my kid, I would also enjoy a night to be able to relax and have some fun.

Adrienne Nomee, 20, said, “I feel like a princess. This day was just fantastic. Oh my gosh, so much fun. I can’t even describe it.”

It was good for them to feel like a princess, even if it was just for one night. About 90 volunteers pitched in and, if I were one of them, I would want to make it as special as possible for all of these girls. They deserve it.

Jordyn Richardson

Nine Mile Falls

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