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Romney insults ‘makers’

My husband is a “maker,” according to Mitt Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s view of the world.

He helped found a company in Silicon Valley in the 1990s that rehabilitates stroke victims; a company that has become successful while creating American jobs and doing good.

Oh, wait. We are Democrats and Barack Obama supporters so, according to Romney, that makes us “takers,” people with a “victim mentality” who depend on government to survive.

What an insult, and what a telling turning point for this election. With his surreptitiously recorded speech at a private, $50,000-a-person fundraiser, Romney has finally said candidly what he thinks of nearly one-half of all American voters.

Now, he’s trying to knock President Obama for favoring a tax code that’s fair to the middle class, trying to scare people by calling that “income redistribution.” The real pusher of income redistribution is Romney, who’d give the rich an astonishing additional 20 percent tax break, further widening the income gap in this country while hanging on to his Swiss and Cayman Islands bank accounts and refusing to release further details of his Bain Capital-era tax returns.

I say to the GOP, “Keep your Mitt(s) off the White House.”

Karen Dorn Steele



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