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Thu., Oct. 11, 2012

Down with Marxism

After voting in 14 presidential elections, I’m shocked by current opinion polls. Voters are evenly divided between Barack Obama’s Marxist plans for America, and America’s constitutional democracy.

Why on earth would Americans choose Marxism, which allows the government to determine our individual economic status? Clearly, that’s what President Obama plans by employing his redistribution of wealth program.

Consider that taking from the rich and giving to the poor can only happen once. When the government confiscates wealth, motivation and production nosedive. Discouragement, unemployment and poverty become the norm. Citizens must then depend on the government for support. History has proven this configuration doesn’t work. Period.

I feel we must elect candidates who value the Constitution and maintain our system of capitalism, economic incentive, opportunity and charity. If America is to prosper, we must defeat Obama and his congressional puppets, fire his tsars, and dismantle his bureaucratic nightmare.

If not, we will lose the Constitution and our freedoms and live under the edict of executive orders and regulations rather than a government controlled by the people. Obama’s redistribution of wealth will result in the fall of the most successful government in world history: our beloved United States of America.

Don Graham


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