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Not just for stoners

Dear Doug Clark:

I want to bring to your attention the fact that not all weed users who vote are just “stoners,” as you say. Some of these voters are critically ill patients. Have you had a close family member or friend who has, or had, cancer within the last 10 years? What about those people?

You need to pull your head out of the sand and see what it does for sick people. I feel you don’t look outside the box. Status quo! You have no clue what cancer patients feel like, and how eating or smoking weed helps you heal, helps you taste, makes you hungry, helps you sleep, slows down muscle spasms, and generally helps you cope with an illness.

Try looking at the big picture and thinking about the other side of weed. It is used by elderly people in chronic pain. Even cops get cancer. It has a lot of other uses than just a stoner’s use. It also brings in money into our state.

Do you even know why someone made it illegal? A rope maker felt threatened by hemp and made it illegal so he would get rich off his rope. God put it here for a reason, not just for stoners.

Rebecca Eliason



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