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TUESDAY, OCT. 30, 2012

Anti-Shea attacks wrong

The Spokesman-Review surreptitiously advocates gay marriage, increased taxes and legalization of marijuana via support of Amy Biviano. Her opposition to Initiative 1185 also portends burdensome taxes and an in-your-face demeanor toward the majority of Washington voters. That position is somewhat similar to former Speaker of the House Tom Foley suing his constituency. Obviously, many moral and fiscal values upon which this country was founded are passe.

Author George Orwell was perceptive in his portrayal of right being wrong and vice versa, as it is now commonplace in the political spin arena. It appears to be a liberal virtue to demean God’s precepts, country and traditional values. A majority of responsible, non-brainwashed people are fed up with the insidious encroachment of liberalism, socialism and their devastating effects on our sovereign nation and its freedoms.

The venomous partisan attacks on Matt Shea are unwarranted, as Matt has done a superlative job as 4th Legislative District representative. He really should run for Congress or the Senate, as his support of the people he so ably represents is worthy of a more influential position. He is the epitome of an individual who cares for the people and the United States, for which he honorably served.

Tom Hayes


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