September 18, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Always been fraud


Of late, letters have appeared stating that there is no evidence of voter fraud. In 1948, when Lyndon Johnson, running for a Senate seat, discovered he was losing by 100 votes, a “missing” ballot box from Duval County was discovered containing 203 ballots, 202 of which were for LBJ, and the voters had mysteriously cast their ballots in exact alphabetical order!

Then there is “cooping,” by which political gangs in Baltimore in 1849 would get folks drunk, strong-arm them and shuttle them from one polling place to another to cast numerous ballots! Edgar Allan Poe was a victim of cooping.

The strategy and tactics might change through years, but voter fraud will always be with us. Photo identification would make it more difficult to cheat. Those who believe otherwise, raise denial to a pathetic art form.

Larry R. Treffry


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