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Scare tactics on budget

The president, news media and some members of Congress have you believing the sky is falling, and the world is coming to an end. Most of our services will be cut, and grandma won’t get her Social Security check.

I believe this situation that we are in has more to do with selfish, greedy elected officials than balancing the budget. Remember the “bridge to nowhere.” Congress is notoriously known for forcing the great divide between the haves and the have-nots, like how they rewarded the banking industry when they stole from the American citizens.

They are pretty good with the smoke and mirrors, creating one debacle after another and misleading the American public so as to divert our attention to their real plan. We are only talking about 2 percent of the total federal budget. The government borrows 40 cents for every dollar spent. Most of this is being paid to China and Russia. The Department of Defense is wasting billions on programs that don’t work or aren’t needed.

We have nobody to blame but ourselves. We voted them all back in. Let’s demand that the federal government pass a balanced budget amendment, just like all 50 states have.

Jerry Goertz

Medical Lake


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