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Split-second decision

Many people seem to have trouble sorting out how and why the victim of a felony, Gail Gerlach, would shoot a criminal, Brendon Kaluza-Graham. In high-stress situations, decisions on perceived threats need to be made in fractions of a second. You don’t have time to muse about it, or call a friend as if you were playing a TV game show. It’s up to you, right now. Police have many hours of training on how to react; citizens have none.

When a thief steals, he not only takes the item, he takes away forever the hours of your life you spent to earn that item. When he also seems to be threatening your life, you have to choose right now whether to accept death or defend yourself.

In 1999, my stepson had to use deadly force to save his own life from a career violent felon, and he was never the same afterwards. I still pray for him, and for Gerlach.

Ivan Ward

Spokane Valley

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