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Mon., April 15, 2013

Where’s science on pot?

The Spokesman-Review published a lengthy article April 5 covering the polling data about how many of us favor or oppose legalized marijuana. Curiously, there was not a single sentence devoted to the effects of using that plant. Not one. A thorough, scientific analysis of this topic wasn’t there.

This paper handled the gay marriage issue the same way. Emotional arguments from both sides were published, but I don’t remember any articles based on scientific research and findings. Personally, I read a study that concluded the adult children of gay parents have a much more difficult time in life. Are this and other studies true? I don’t know. The topic was never fully vetted by the usual media.

On the other hand, this paper does maximize articles and scientific studies about guns and shootings, even from other countries. Why? Why is expanded science applied to guns and not to the others? An agenda?

This reader requires full disclosure and transparency. Knowledge is a good thing. Promote it. Publish it. Vote using it.

John Pauley

Spokane Valley

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