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Mon., April 29, 2013

Bombing random, scary

I am a freshman at Mead High School who participates in cross-country and track. My whole family loves to run, especially my mom. She has run several marathons and is training for her first Ironman this summer in Coeur d’Alene.

After hearing about the Boston Marathon bombing, I could not have been more shocked, especially because my mom qualified for the Boston Marathon back in 2008 and was finishing around the same time that the bombs went off.

The marathoners woke up that morning preparing for a race, and little did they know that their lives would be put in danger. It made me realize how something so terrible could happen anywhere to anyone at any time. Innocent people were killed that day. I still cannot believe someone would want to do that to innocent families.

I think about the Boston Marathon victims every day and how it could have been my mom. I am so grateful for her and everything she does to support my brother and me.

Ashley Ridgely


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