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First responders impressive

On July 28, across from Franklin Park, many witnessed a horrific car accident in which a person died. The first responders stayed with this person performing CPR for more than 20 minutes that we were there. These people did not stop, they continued from one person to another when they tired out. I was so impressed with the hard work and stamina to continue on for so long. They gave their best and they deserve many thanks for the work they did.

It was very hard to watch a person in such dire condition, but then again it was very nice to see how our first responders did their job, which is of course saving lives. They did an outstanding job and should be congratulated.

I thank you along with everyone watching you that day; the only thing I could say is I wish all their hard work paid off. A person died but through no fault of the first responders.

Judy House



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