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Mon., Aug. 12, 2013

Interviews treated differently by media

With Leonard Pitts Jr. adding his voice to the Internet tempest over the Fox News interview of Lauren Green’s with author Reza Aslan, one can only ask what the furor is about. Obviously, Green was trying to challenge the contents of his book through an interview. So what? All interviewers do this.

One of the clearest examples of a similar progressive attack was one by Terry Gross, of National Public Radio’s “As It Happens.” She was interviewing the principal of a Catholic high school about firing a faculty member when it was revealed she was in a lesbian relationship. Gross kept trying to corner the principal about why he did this with statements such as homosexuality not being illegal, etc.

I once accepted a job as the theater teacher at a Christian high school where the superintendent told me up-front that if “damn” was ever used in one of my productions, I was fired. I knew the terms, I took the job. What’s the issue? Gross’ questioning was every bit as irrelevant as Green’s, but no big uproar followed.

It sort of seems the mainstream media only has problems when someone is speaking from a Christian position? Interesting.

James Becker


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