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Gun checks revisit Prohibition

Gun control and abortion: the two most divisive subjects in the United States.

I like Shawn Vestal (Aug. 17). I’ve met him. He’s decent. He listens. As a gun owner, I wish gun checks would work. It wouldn’t have prevented Sandy Hook; Adam Lanza got his weapons from his mother, who bought them legally. Do we also check family members?

We beg veterans to get help for post-traumatic stress syndrome, yet Sen. Diane Feinstein wants their gun rights taken away. Criminals? By definition they don’t obey the law. How many times do we read about felons with guns being arrested? Gun checks will never lead to registration. Really? And I’m to trust the government because?

They listen to my calls, sometimes illegally, by their own admission. Gun checks, a good idea, just like Prohibition. How’d that work out?

Steven Stuart



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