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TUESDAY, DEC. 10, 2013

Morality from common sense

In response to Larry Treffry’s Nov. 24 letter. These are the facts regarding his references:

1) There were 107 school shooting incidents from 1760 to 1970 and about 165 shootings since 1970. No deity interceded before or after.

2) The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 as a jingle to sell flags for a charity by a socialist minister named Francis Bellamy. It had no reference to any deity and was never intended as a Christian indoctrination tool.

3) The Constitution: Read it. It is a totally secular document that provides the framework for our secular government and how it should work for all in our society by staying neutral in all religious matters.

4) “The separation of church and state” is a term coined by Roger Williams and later used by Thomas Jefferson in his Danbury Baptist letter. Our founding fathers gave us a godless Constitution to build a secular government around. No religion stated or implied.

5) As for the Ten Commandments, five are unconstitutional. See if you can find them. And two tacitly condone slavery. Can you find them?

I derive my morality from reason and common sense, not superstition.

Jim Hudlow


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