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Tue., Dec. 17, 2013

Unity through diversity

Regarding Steve Dunham, “Diversity isn’t Unity,” Dec. 7: Since when are diversity and unity mutually exclusive? Obviously, he does not know what a community is or what unity is.

Diversity is a fact of life. All communities are diverse by definition. Individuals compose a community, and all individuals are diverse, especially in the United States; and yes, even in Spokane. We have differences in age, income, national origin, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, race, marital status and religious beliefs. We possess different physical abilities, intelligence levels, and life experiences. Unity means that all of these individuals and groups are strengthened by togetherness; in other words, a strong Spokane community.

By promoting the diversity of a community, all individuals are recognized, all concerns are addressed through public policy and nobody is left out. It leads to everyone having equal access to power and quality of life in Spokane. Any conclusion that diversity leads to crime and chaos is misguided by ignorance. Failure to recognize the issues facing everyone in Spokane and failure to be inclusive is what leads to the conflict Dunham talks about.

Terri Anderson


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