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Mon., Dec. 23, 2013, midnight

Enough with traps

I would like to respond to the woman whose dog had to needlessly suffer at the hands of a local trapper’s snare (Dec. 15). I felt like this woman was way too forgiving.

This trapper had stated that he couldn’t put up signs to warn people about the snares because he didn’t want them to be messed with? Why hadn’t he followed the few simple rules that require a trapper to tag his traps? The rules (a joke in my opinion) in the trapping manual require that one should stay off of well-used trails and roads that are used by deer and humans, etc. Why wasn’t this trapper penalized for any of the above?

We need to rid ourselves of this barbaric and inhumane sport for the sake of people who want to recreate with dogs and for the needless suffering of our wildlife. I, too, had my dog caught in a snare. I barely saved her life with cellphone assistance and an hour of agony. My husband caught his foot in a snare hiking up a ridge. Had he been running down the ridge, the outcome could have been disastrous. When is enough, enough?

Bonnie Brown

Plummer, Idaho

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