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Fri., Feb. 1, 2013

Ferris response too casual

The response, or lack thereof for the first four hours, by the Spokane Public Schools administrators concerning the Ferris High School pop bottle explosions was deplorable. Because, as Terren Roloff put it, they thought the kids were never in any real danger, they continued on, business as usual, all the way through lunch, until another explosion occurred.

In light of all the horrible incidents around the country recently, several of which have been attached directly to schools, a “wait-and-see” response – a response that is gambling with the safety of human beings, specifically, our kids – is simply unacceptable. When everyone else around the country is tightening up school security (even if that means being overly cautious), our school district is going to continue classes as usual after a bomb of unknown origin and with unknown chemicals explodes, just to see if there is another one, before they treat it seriously.

My kids do not go to Ferris, but I hope the parents of the kids who do are demanding answers from downtown; those administrators deserve to be held accountable for treating children’s safety so cavalierly.

Kristi Archer


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