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Sat., Feb. 2, 2013

Study cause and effect

Addressing the issue of gun control means looking at the issues of cause and effect.

A gun cannot cause anything by itself. The effect it has depends on how it is used. What caused its use must be determined from the facts of the situation in which it was used.

Some of the causes of gun violence include deterioration of the nuclear family, lack of respect some have for each other and acceptance of “entertainment” that appeals to the coarsest drives of human nature. One cause is playing a video game for hours that rewards players for the number of people shot and killed in a mall. Like playing a game where students are killed in a school. The threshold for violence is lowered and it causes acceptance of the conduct.

Hypocritical Hollywood types are quick to urge gun control at the same time they continue to promote entertainment that includes extreme acts of violence. Politically, our leaders admit gun control changes, if in effect before Newtown, would not have changed what happened there; yet they still urge they should be accomplished.

Causes must be addressed. Gun control is unconstitutional and will not cause any productive effects.

Don Brockett


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