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Sat., Feb. 2, 2013, midnight

Support supermajority

Do you live in the city of Spokane? On the ballot you should have already received, I encourage a yes vote on Proposition 2, a taxpayer protection proposal. If passed, it will increase the number of City Council votes required to raise our taxes from four of seven members to five of seven.

At the state level, we have overwhelmingly voted several times to require that taxes can only be raised by a two-thirds vote of our Legislature, or with a simple majority of Washington voters. Proposition 2 will implement a similar requirement at the local level.

Don’t be fooled by some who claim it is “undemocratic.” If the council cannot get enough votes, they can put the tax proposal on the ballot to let the voters decide by a simple majority. Over 20 supermajority requirements exist in our state constitution and several locally. Because it often is harder to pass a bill with a supermajority, it means our elected officials have to earnestly communicate with us, providing sound reasons why a proposal is needed.

When it comes to raising taxes, we want a thorough discussion with reliable, convincing information.

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Gretchen McDevitt


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