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Obama support is blatant

Alas, The Spokesman-Review continues their unabashed support of President Barack Obama and leftist Democrats. One of the latest examples was the Sunday, Jan. 20, front page article by the AP’s Ben Feller. The article’s headline pretty well summed up Feller’s attitude: “President’s agenda is opportunity for all.”

The article gushes and swoons over Obama’s socialist agenda, speaking in orgasmic terms about Obama and his plans. There was no sense of balance concerning pros and cons of various issues, just unabashed platitudes and outright misrepresentations of Obama’s Eastern European-style socialist vision.

The headline would have been more accurate had it stated that the president’s agenda is an opportunity for all who want other people to financially support them; want to vote multiple times even if they are not U.S. citizens; want to (and do) call anyone who disagrees with them racists.

The Spokesman-Review management’s beliefs are apparent when one of their editors recently wrote a column on the Opinion page that called Republicans and conservatives every nasty name and made every vile innuendo imaginable. It should come as no surprise that The Spokesman-Review continues to advocate Obama and his Saul Alinsky-style socialist alliance.

Gerald Click



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