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Sat., Feb. 9, 2013

Protect our money

I urge Spokane voters to vote yes on Proposition 2 in the election on Feb. 12. Prop. 2 is the local version of statewide Initiative 1185, one that Spokane County voters approved with 70 percent of the vote in 2012. It would require a supermajority of Spokane City Council members to agree before raising taxes.

Despite the accusations from some that this is a violation of simple democracy, I argue the contrary. This is a reasonable taxpayer protection policy that ensures that only the most beneficial, well thought-out tax increases will be put into place, keeping taxes down for Spokane families during these tough economic times.

It doesn’t create gridlock; it forces collaboration. Even when the council can’t come to a decision, the proposed tax can be put to a vote of the people; a common-sense, democratic way of doing things. Instead of wasting your money and mine on needless tax increases to solve problems, this forces our elected officials to do the job we elected them to do without holding our income hostage.

In short, Prop. 2 is a common-sense reform that protects your hard-earned money and mine. Vote yes for responsible government. Vote yes on Prop. 2.

Nathan Young


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